Friday, January 20, 2017


We are excited to release our newest album POWER TO THE POOR, today for free!

This album is being released on Presidential Inauguration Day as a socially conscious 'Class War Protest' against the greed of the ruling class, and the coronation of billionaires into the highest seats of federal government. Together with  The Electric Church Of The Tambourine (the activist wing of Louisville Is For Lovers, that works with socially conscious bands and fans to create communities for social change) we are standing in solidarity against the fascist oppression and economic slavery of 50 million Americans. This is a call to action.  The dismantling of democracy and government mandated economic servitude will no longer be tolerated.

The Gallery Singers 'POWER TO THE POOR' EP can be downloaded right now for FREE here:

Power To The Poor shirts are also available here.
More about The Electric Church Of Tambourine and how to join the growing movement of musicians and community members working toward a free and equal society here.